[jhb_airlines] Completely OT Tinniswood

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BBC7 radio have been repeating several of the late great Peter
Tinniswood's 'Uncle Mort' radio progs such as 'Uncle Mort's North
Country' and 'South Country' over the last few weeks.  Always worth
hearing again, check out the 'listen again' section of the BBC7
web-site.  I'm looking forward to hearing again, one day, the
Brigadier with his "Tales from Witney Scrotum".  Aye lad, they was
the days" ...


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> Mike
> "I never knew you cared" - I had almost forgotten about this 
> priceless series, one which would certainly merit repeating 
> in preference to the usual stuff that they choose to repeat, 
> or the unspeakable reality TV. 
> (Others that fall into my category of 'why don't they repeat ...?"

> include Tutti-Frutti and the Beiderbecke Affair).
> This thread is now *distinctly* OT ....
> Mike L
> Mike Brook wrote:
> > I 'eard that, pardon?
> > Best wishes,
> > Uncle Mort

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