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I used to have a Nokia 9110 Communicator many years ago and that was ideal
for flying as it has fax capabilities. If stuck at an airfield without
weather facilities (like Newtownards) I would ring EGNS and ask them to fax
me the latest METAR sheet for NW England plus F214 and 215. It was a
breakthrough in the sense that up to that time you got your weather data at
your departure airfield and may not get any updates once you had got
airborne. For bigger airfields you had VOLMET but if flying to two or three
small airfields and not stopping long enough to get to the clubhouse for
current data (assuming they had it) you could often be without current Met
or NOTAM information.

Nowadays with mobiles having Internet capability and Met and AIS being
online things are a lot different.


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I would like the latest and best model please, as long at it will take/make 
phone calls as well.

These days, phone calls seem to be secondary to the phones function.

Frank F
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>      Thought this might be of interest for those pilots with
> cellphones(mobiles). In view of this I understand that the Boss will be
> issuing said phones to all JHB pilots for use on IVAO  <vbg>
>      Denis
>      Controller Directs Aircraft Via Cellphone Text Message
>      The pilot of a Piper Seneca with five aboard was last November
> instructed to land via text message. The report from the Air Accident
> Investigation Branch was published Aug. 6 detailing the complete 
> electrical
> failure aboard the Seneca and the 39-year-old pilot's reaction to fly 
> clear
> of clouds after departing Kerry airport for a flight to Jersey, in the 
> U.K.
> The pilot attempted to contact Kerry airport and air traffic control in 
> Cork
> via cellphone. After making contact with Cork and then losing contact, he
> received a text message from a Cork controller advising him that air 
> traffic
> control had him on radar and he was cleared to land at the airport. The
> aircraft landed safely at the airport after performing a fly-by to confirm
> wheels down. The report praised the efforts of the controller. "In this
> incident the positive and proactive initiative of the ATC controller, who,
> on realising that mobile audio communication from the pilot was
> intermittent, quickly switched to texting his instructions instead,"
> reported air accident investigator John Hughes.
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