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  • Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 15:51:07 +0100

Nope. Thanks for that. 
Gerry Winskill

On 9 Aug 2004 at 14:56, Peter Dodds wrote:

> The normal VFR route west of Liverpool is to aim for West Kirby, just
> SW of WAL, and to keep the shoreline on your right to avoid controlled
> airspace. You head from West Kirby to just west of Seaforth, then up
> the coast again, but this time, put the shoreline on your LEFT. You
> must also remain below 2000 feet to stay below Airway L975 on that
> leg.  After seaforth you can climb. But watch out for Woodvale. 
> Liverpool usually advises you call them as you reach Seaforth.  You
> can then go round their CTZ or over it if above 2000 feet.
> The reason for "just west of Seaforth" is to avoid mixing with 
> other traffic inbound to Liverpool who will have been told to 
> "Enter the zone at Seaforth not above one thousand five hundred 
> feet".
> The reason for putting the coast on your left northbound to 
> Blackpool, is that southbound traffic following the coast will be over
> the sea. (It is known as the "left hand rule".  "VFR traffic following
> a line feature should keep it on their left".
> I hope this isn't teaching Granny to suck eggs <g>.
> Peter

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