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Yes. Liverpool will give you clearance to transit the western half of
the Manchester Zone (west of the low level route) as they have control
of this up to 1500ft. Higher than that you are still in Manchester's
airspace and would need to call Manchester Approach - but transit is
unlikely unless you are IFR. 

You have the choice then of staying high and getting an IFR zone transit
or dropping to 1500ft to cross at WAL VOR. Alternatively you can drop to
2000ft and skirt seaward of the Wirral as you are outside the zone here
and below the TMA.


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> John,
> I'm just plotting an assignment, VFR, from Duxford to 
> Wigtown. Would it be reasonable 
> to assume, in real life, that a clearance would be given, for 
> transit of the M/C / Liverpool 
> Cat D zone, to track Wrexham to Fleetwood?
> Did you make it to Jurby?
> Gerry Winskill
> gwinsk@xxxxxxx

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