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  • Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 14:20:46 -0000

I've rewritten the pages again so try the new download. You should see =
files show up with a -04 suffix to them. Be careful though as the =
FS2002 are also still available. Make sure you click on the FS2004

I've just taken a flight over Hamburg to see the new textures and they =
all snow covered! It's hard to tell the difference when the ground is a =
of white so I may have to switch to summer. <vbg>


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Hi Bones

I have downloaded the JHB F70 texture files from the 'aircraft' page.

The date on the zip file, however, is 06/09/2004

I think that this is still the 'old' file.

Is it possible that your web page (in my system), has not been fully=20

The 'new' version, however, appears in the 'news' page.

ps thanks again for the tips on installing the Lennart's textures.

It is the clearest explanation that I have seen, to date.

I think that my main problem was that I was getting confused with the=20
'textures' folder in the main FS9 directory.

Best wishes for the festive season.


Bones wrote:
> I was hoping for a bit more time to finish this but I was out of=20
> luck..
> As a treat for you all I have now repainted the new Fokker F70 in JHB=20
> colours. The old texture set for FS2002 did work for the new FS2004 =
> versions but with a couple of errors. The new texture set features all =

> the =3D texture
> enhancements by Project Fokker along with a couple of extra touches.
> If you use my FS2002 textures for the F70 just replace them with the=20
> new set. If you haven't got the JHB colours installed yet just create=20
> a new texture folder called texture.JHB and copy the files into it.=20
> Add a new section in the aircraft.cfg file for the JHB repaint (copy=20
> on of the =3D other
> sections) but change the details to suit the repaint. Make sure the =
> texture line reads TEXTURE=3D3DJHB.
> I'll carry on with the two F100 versions - I was hoping to get these=20
> out =3D for Christmas too but the repaint is a bit slow. PF are not=20
> releasing a =3D paint
> kit so I have to make blank aircraft textures before applying the JHB
> colours.
> HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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