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Logic would say keep them all together but your setup seems sound because
the VFGM Terrain LC folder is the Landclass data. It should definitely be
below the other three and most definitely below the VFGM photo scenery

Like you I also seem to have my other Terrain folders above the VFGM photo
volumes. I can't think why but I did follow Mally's installation
instructions to the letter and maybe that is what was required. It all works
though so I won't touch the layering unless other sage advice dictates


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My setup with Scotflight seems OK but, in checking that this was the
case, I notice that I have 3 VFRTerrain areas (LWM, DTM and VTP) above
the VFGM photographic scenery and one VFRTerrain area (LC) below the
VFGM scenery.  What should it be? - can't help thinking that all four
VFRT areas should be together.

Mike L

Bones wrote:
> Problem solved thanks to Ananda and Mally.
> The culprit is the Scotflight Landclass folder. If any of you have the
> Scotflight scenery then you need to move the Scotflight Landclass
> scenery area (not the Scotflight scenery) down in your scenery area
> stack to below the VFGM scenery areas.
> I did this originally but when I recently upgraded to the new
> Scotflight version it reset the layers - and I didn't spot the change.
> Just out of interest I normally arrange scenery layers relative to
> their "strata" with default scenery at the bottom, mesh above this,
> landclass next, then VFGM and finally the airport and object surface
> layer. It's really a carry over from FS98 when layering was more
> critical.
> bones

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