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OK. I was really wondering why MS had missed the carb heat out of the
current 172 model. 

I'm too lazy to wait for FS to boot up on my system and have a look so I
guessed that if the C172S is FI then that would explain it. If so it was a
daft decision because there are only a few C172S versions out but thousands
of the earlier marks with carb heat. I'd wag my finger at MS for that but
then I recall the tie up they have with Cessna for the FS package. Maybe it
was a Cessna decision.


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There's a config option in the aircraft.cfg file, from memory, to 
enable carb icing effects.  It is set to 'off' by default. I 
assumed (don't know) the new SP model is FI.  As it is being 
marketted with a glass cockpit and all that modern stuff, one 
presumes it is.


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