[jhb_airlines] Re: Captain Sim SALE!!! QUICK!

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  • Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 15:35:48 +0000

Just a quick note,

When downloading go for the TEST server, all the others are capped at 20 kb/ps when they get busy, the test is unlimited. Getting about 190kb/s now. Downloading the 707/727 and Yak.


Mike Brook wrote:
Thanks Alex for the heads-up!  I have taken advantage...

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Subject: [jhb_airlines] Captain Sim SALE!!! QUICK!

Hi Guys,

CaptainSim have extended their sale for another 24 hours. EVERYTHING is $9.99 or LESS, including the full C-130 Pro package (normally $54)
Where as I bought everything in the shop (bar the 104 and L-39) for less than $60!

You can get the 757 and Freighter expansion for FSX for less than $20!

Quick! go now!


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