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  • Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 00:30:05 +0100

I won't ask how you did it in the end but it was very nice to see you
finally pop up - even if only for the brief hop from Liverpool to

I hope it stays solid for next Wednesday. I can already reveal that we are
going to tie up with Austria and so we'll be offering Vienna and Innsbruck
for the night as well as London, Manchester and Norwich.

Last night was excellent with Dave handling about 15 sir craft out of Dublin
alone. Liverpool was rather quieter but Brian and I still enjoyed what came
our way. Thanks again go to all of you because the sessions would be a lot
thinner without the JHB presence.


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My system problems have, unfortunately, continued.  I've been trying to
connect to this evening's FPI session for over an hour now with no success.
Talk about frustrating...<G> MikeB

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