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Panic over.

Tried another power lead, tried plugging into another socket. Which was live!!

Tried plugging into the unused socket of a 3 way adaptor socket (3 way switched, only 2 in use) and it worked, at least for the moment.

But why it did not work on a known live socket is a mystery. But that is a 6 way switched surge protected, but am dubious of those switches, might replace it with a non switched.

Thanks anyway, hope it does not happen again.

Frank F
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I assume you have been through the obvious possible causes -

- fuses in house circuits / plug to PC
- master on-off switch on back of PC
- on-off switch on front of PC
- if no beeps, lights, sounds of fans spinning up, suspect dead PSU

I have been caught out by the third on this list.  Having ruled out the
first and second, I jumped to the fourth and installed a replacement PSU
in a PC which was completely dead. When it still wouldn't start I
investigated a bit more closely and found the 5p switch on the front of
the box was defunct.

Mike L

F FISHER wrote:
Just tried switching my main machine on for an afternoon session


No lights, no power on.

I may be away from tonites session, and tomorrow, if I cannot find the

All I did was switch off as normal last night, now nothing

Frank F


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