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Untitled Documentthanks for the info Alex
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  Hi Guys!

  Well I know none of you went so I thought I'd do a quick rundown of the 
Bristol FS Show: 

  It was held in the Beeches Hotel and Conference center, a small but easy to 
get to and well equipped venue. With the developers starting the morning at 
anything from about 7am, to 9 am. The show itself kicked off at 10am. 

  Entry was via a donation to a charity that assists disabled people with their 
ambitions to fly, suggested donation was £3 which was very respectable, 
although most people gave more. 

  It was a busy day from the start, with about 50 people flocking in between 
10:00 and 10:15 it really started to get packed from then on, I don't know the 
official numbers but it was only a small venue and it probably had around 500+ 
people through the doors in the 6 hours of the show. 

  A few problems unfortunately cropped up, the UK VATSIM Divisions stand was a 
little bare as all their PC's refused to boot up, not sure of the story on that 
but it was a shame for them, they all seemed thoroughly nice guys. 

  JustFlight were really miserable, barely grunting to anyone who went near 
their stand, and that meant they had hardly any visitors all day, they didn't 
even get their PC's out until about an hour before the end. 

  One of the most exciting events of the show was let down a little, the 
development team for the long awaited LOMAC add-on "Black Shark" had borrowed a 
PC From RC Simulations instead of bringing their own and Conflicts between the 
supplied Yoke and Throttle combo meant that full control couldn't be 

  However they were the nicest guys and incredibly knowledgable about their 
product, everyone there who wanted a go was given a full talk through of 
everything that interested them and given 5 minutes or so to have a play, I 
must say its a very in depth and rewarding to fly sim, I'll be getting it for 

  Horizon were there with their fancy gaming seat and large projected screen, 
showing off their scenery with the FSX SP2 and Accelleration packs. Very nice 
it looked too! 

  Saitek released their newest Pro Flight Yoke system and had it on a discount 
for attendees, I have to say that I gave in at 14:30 and bought the Yoke plus 
the Throttle Quadrant for a very respectable price. 
  Its "damped" rather than spring loaded and it feels very realistic, I've been 
using it all day and  I have to say that my transitions to Straight and Level 
have been a lot smoother and holding bank angles is significantly easier. Very 
pleased with it all round, it even fixed to my curved desk without issue and is 
a very solid bit of kit. 

  There were a few more developers but the rest of it was mainly attending 
organisations. One which took my eye and I'm now re-installing Falcon 4.0 for 

  I'm also re-installing FS9 as there were some excellent demonstrations of how 
to configure it with the latest add-ons and with Flight1's Ground Environment 
and Ultimate Terrain packages installed properly it really blew the Alpine 
Systems FSX Demonstrator out of the water, despite its 45 FPS with everything 
on full. 

  Mind you, having said that, I'm currently seeking permission to purchase the 
said Alpine Systems PC as its for sale at £1300 delivered....which has got me 
beyond tempted. 

  All in all a very good show, absolutely everyone (with the exception of 
JustFlight) were more than happy to sit and chat with everyone that came round, 
wasn't a single exhibitor I didn't share a chin-wag with and how many other 
hobby shows can claim that? 

  Really looking forward to brum now! 


  Alex Barrett
  Turbine Sound Studios
  (+44) 0121 288 3195


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