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Too far for me, Alex - Brum is my limit (some might say Brum is THE limit).

Apart from the opportunity to chat to some of the JHB guys and other online 
"names", I found last year's IFC event rather disappointing.  The RC show in 
Brum used to be much better.  There is a different flight sim show in Brum in 
the middle of next month - I might toddle along to that, particularly if the 
locally based Mike Brook is going since I have a vague recollection that he 
promised to buy me a pint ....

Mike L

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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if any of the JHB crew are heading to the RC Simulations show in Bristol this Saturday?

All profits going to charity I beleive, which is rather sporting of them!

Loved chatting with some of you last year at IFC so I hope at least a couple of you will be going?


Alex Barrett
Turbine Sound Studios
(+44) 0121 288 3195

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