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Weird that. I was just about to copy the link into that post and my PC
locked up. How it got sent is beyond me..



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I will, if you can point me at it...

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>Putting all questions of politics and ethics aside I'd ask everyone to
>have a look at the following petition and sign it if they agree with
>the proposal.
>During WW2 56,000 aircrew lost their lives in Bomber Command but it is
>the only service for which a campaign medal was never issued. Bomber
>Command fell out of favour with Churchill towards the end of the war
>and he declined to issue the medal - as has every government since.
>Regardless of the right or wrong of Bomber Command policy it doesn't
>detract from the bravery and sacrifice by all the personnel in that
>command and it is time this received due recognition.

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