[jhb_airlines] Bits and pieces.

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  • Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 19:23:08 +0100

Idly browsing the Net at the moment and I see a couple of things of

First is that the next Service Pack for Win XP is about to be released.
Bad news is that it will be a 745MB download - and I bet that will clog
up the MS servers for the next few days!

Next item is that FPI have now got a forum up at AVSIM and one email
looks interesting:


FPI Providers want to inform you about the next development stages as we
have there a lot in our pipelines.

First main news regards to the 4th update of ATOC. This release will
come soon with better performance. The main feature updates will appear
when 4th relaes comes to the users, so stay tuned.
Furthermore you will see some improvements in MP aircraft -> smooth
We also add in regular stages more and more MultiPlayer Liveries to our
download area.=20

In future we will also have a very nice feature for a specific ATC
position. Currently we don=B4t can say too much about that but we think =
will rock the online community once more with the result! We can promise
already today, it will be fancy! Stay tuned for it!
Details come in short!"

Sounds very interesting!


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