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  • Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 20:10:03 +0100

Remembering those dim and distant Uni. lectures inclines me to think Bones
is right.  Dates are hard-wired from a core date with Windoze etc. having a
look-up table for buried somewhere among it's dll's which is used for time


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Only the OS on my system. BIOS seems to be a fixed value.


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A few months ago I upgraded one of my PCs, including new mobo. Everything

Some days ago I became aware that the clock on my Win2K setup was an hour
slow.  It took a couple of resets before it twigged that the BIOS clock must
have gone back by an hour - I checked and confirmed this to be the case.  I
wonder whose summer time adjustment happens in September? - Taiwan maybe, if
the mobo was made there.  Come to think of it, does the BIOS clock usually
reset for summer time changes, or is it only the O/S clock?

Mike L

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