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You've been using FS long enough to stop using CTRL+E for starting engines-
that's for the kids. I've not used it for years. It's not THAT hard to start
engines properly using the checklist.

You've mentioned your Baron problem before and it must be the way you fly it
- it cruises just fine at FL150. Are you sure you aren't leaving the flaps
or cowl flaps down?


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I have tried the Control+E+1 and +2.

The Jets all start with Ctrl+E, as it is the default keys for starting.

Was not aware of a different start procedure for pistons/jets in FS.

But for the Kingair, Ctrl+E shuts the condition/mixture levers (shutting the

manual levers also cuts the engines on most of the planes, a quick 

In fact, the onscreen levers keep bouncing (key bounce?) when holding down 
the Ctrl+E.

If I go straight to the Kingair after starting FSX, it shuts down, and will 
not start, I have to go to another AC and start that one, then go back to 
the Kingair, and then I can start it.

Frustrating, as I would prefer the Kingair over the BE58 for trips over 

Incidently, the BE58 is rated as FL150 cruise,I cannot get it above FL120 
before it slow speed stalls, and I have the mixture controls right down to 
25%, and CR 300ft/min. Another reason for the use of the Kingair.

I will have a look at the FS9 version, to see if I have the same problem 
there. Luckly I have both versions set up, but tend to use FSX for IVAO 

Frank F

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> The King Air is a turbine engine so it has the same start up procedure as 
> a
> jet. The Baron is a piston. CTRL + E is only for piston jobbies.
> bones
> bones@xxxxxxx
> http://woodair.net
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> It has taken me a long time and a lot of frustration, but I have finally
> found out how to start the FSX Kingair.
> When loading the aircraft, within a few seconds, the engines cut out, as 
> do
> most other aircraft.
> Except for the Kingair, no problem starting with Control+E. The Kingair 
> did
> not want to know.
> I have the Saitek Flight Yoke PRO with the pedals and a dual throttle 
> setup.
> I have just noticed that when using Control+E, the condition levers went 
> to
> the fuel cutoff position. This only occurred with the Kingair. The BE58 no
> problem.
> My solution!!  Hold down control+E, and at the same time keep moving the
> condition lever on my throttle control, this kept the lever in FS off the
> cutoff position, and it now starts, repeat for engine 2. Also must not
> forget to switch on the jennies.
> I could try waggling the levers as I load the aircraft, that might keep 
> the
> engines running. But knowing how to do a cold start would be benificial.
> Some jets also fail to start, so will have to try the same trick.
> Just why this has to be done with just the one aircraft is a mystery, am I
> alone with this problem??
> Another learning curve surmounted.
> Frank F


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