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Not in FS9 - Control + E works for everything except bespoke panels which force 
you start up properly

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The King Air is a turbine engine so it has the same start up procedure as a
jet. The Baron is a piston. CTRL + E is only for piston jobbies.


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It has taken me a long time and a lot of frustration, but I have finally 
found out how to start the FSX Kingair.

When loading the aircraft, within a few seconds, the engines cut out, as do 
most other aircraft.

Except for the Kingair, no problem starting with Control+E. The Kingair did 
not want to know.

I have the Saitek Flight Yoke PRO with the pedals and a dual throttle setup.

I have just noticed that when using Control+E, the condition levers went to 
the fuel cutoff position. This only occurred with the Kingair. The BE58 no 

My solution!!  Hold down control+E, and at the same time keep moving the 
condition lever on my throttle control, this kept the lever in FS off the 
cutoff position, and it now starts, repeat for engine 2. Also must not 
forget to switch on the jennies.

I could try waggling the levers as I load the aircraft, that might keep the 
engines running. But knowing how to do a cold start would be benificial.

Some jets also fail to start, so will have to try the same trick.

Just why this has to be done with just the one aircraft is a mystery, am I 
alone with this problem??

Another learning curve surmounted.

Frank F 

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