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Thanks Peter/Bones.

Your comments will be acted on, especially about a possible key conflict..

Could setting up the Saitek system have interferred?

Now to find the check lists and print them out. The one I have done, seem to me to be rather sparse in content, ie not enough info to carry out the required control.(which/what keys to use etc).

Frank F

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Agreed. Without going into it too deeply you can get away without checklists
for single pistons but as aircraft become more complex they start becoming
vital - as indeed they do in real aircraft. I would not think of flying any
real aircraft without a checklist - whether a Cherokee or a Chieftain.

In FS checklists become more important for some aircraft because of the way
the panel or gauges are designed. Some aircraft may not start because of
code in a specific gauge that prevents it - maybe unrealistically so but it
may be the only way they can program the aircraft to work properly. Some
gauges have code that overrides basic FS features (PMDG aircraft do this) so it's possible CTRL + E may not work at all - but they should say this in the

The Archer I got from Flight 1 had a 50 page manual with it and it required
an evening's reading to learn how to use the aircraft. Having hundreds of
hours in the real aircraft was of some help but I still had to go through it
to see how they had programmed the aircraft.


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One of the prerequisites for being a pilot is being methodical. Following
checklists in sequence is almost a "vital action" of the BUMMFFCCHH sort -
and BUMMFFCCHH is a checklist too of course.



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