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Just put back my standard keyboard to see if there is any difference in controlling the BE350.

It looks ginoremous stuck on top of the Saitek yoke. the mini is on the laptop, as I write, a lot easier than the laptop KB, might just get another one for that, at least I can have them side by side, now a USB mouse is needed too, no mouse port on the laptop.(I do have a spare PS/2 mouse I can swop for the laser mouse on the main machine, that is USB.)

Frank F

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Maplin are good if you get the right guy.  They are building me a new PC -
all the FS bells and whistles. They build it FOC, just charge for the
components. AMD Phenom board, 2 x 320Gb SATA drives and NVidia 9600 768Mb
graphics. - Less than £700.00 without the OS. I'm sourcing XP Pro from
the net and the best price i can find so far is £76, so that's one cheap
and powerful PC.

Should be about another week. They invite me to watch them install
Windows and format the drives etc., which i shall take them up on.  As a
thank you for using them, they said i could have a free hardware item,
within reason to add to the package.  I chose one of their mini keyboards
for the same reason you use it!


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