[jhb_airlines] B350

  • From: "F FISHER" <ffisher991@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 21:55:22 +0100


FSX + IVAO and online WX.

Startup 18.47 Fuel 533G 6 onboard WX 180/10 Q1015

Distance 345nm ETE 01:23

Shutdown at 20:30 Fuel remain 381

Trip time 01:43 block to block

Fuel used 152G (a 15kt headwind all the way)

Climb power 1600/torque 80/FF 4.7
Cruise power 1400/torque 64/FF3.1

With CAVOK or tailwind, willhave improvedthe above.

Compared to

FS9 offline CAVOK

Trip time 01:37  fuel used 160G.

climb power 1600/torque 90/FF4.8
Cruise power 1400/torque 70/FF3.5

Note: for power levers on 1400, they are on the bottom Ident, not tried pulling right down to feather

Idle levers on low for TO and cruise and descent, on high for landing

Many thanks for instruction and advise, much appreciated, results will be logged.

Will now go for the long trip 800-1000nm, and see how the fuel burn stacks up.

Frank F.

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