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There should be a key combination for putting the condition levers to low idle, could do it from there, running in low idle against high idle should then cut my fuel comsumption.

Other than that, multiple FS installs to cover each type, no problem with FS9,I have the space, but FSX!

Methinks a dig through the assignments table later.

Frank F
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Indeed. You really need separate lever assignments for pistons, turboprops
and jets.


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Yes I kept the descent rate down to 250 or less, started at FL250 over IOM
and at FL100 before BLACA.

This morning, a proverbiale light went on.

My Saitek mixture levers alter the sim condition levers, no problem.

But those levers are assigned to the mixture keys in the sim. Not the
condition levers.

Which would explain why moving them has no effect on high/low idle.

Will have to have a dig into the assignments again, but it would mean have 2

sets of assignments for piston and turbos.

Frank F

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