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The trick is to ignore the existing FSC data for the aircraft and develop your own. It won't cover all the real world components but, in most cases, will be more accurate than FSC. I measure fuel consumption during the climb, through three bands, then take an average. I measure it in the cruise, at what would be my preferred flight level. Ditto during descent. Then I do the same to get the fuel used in a 45 minute hold, plus use during low level flight to a 50 niles distant diversion airfield. I top it off with fuel burn for a five minute taxi.

I've got this data for all the aircraft in my fleet, apart from the GA singles. It's in a spreadsheet, into which I enter cruise alt, total distance, time to taxi out and time to taxi in. It then gives me a fuel weight to load, allowing for time of climb and descent, hold, diversion, reserves etc. Although you can edit the aircraft's FSC data, I ignore its fuel prediction and use the one from my spreadsheet. I'm well aware of the bits it doesn't cover, also the limitations of some of my assumptions but since I'm not trying to fool myself it's a real world calculation, it matters not. What it does is to ensure two things. I don't run out of fuel en route and I'm not overweight for landing, on arrival. I don't have to use it but, should the fates be against me, my heavies benefit from a GoFlight button, programmed to act as a dump valve.

Not only does this get around the FSC fuel calc inadequacy but it's great fun acquiring the input data.

Gerry Winskill

F FISHER wrote:
This is why I am altering the FSC database to suit.

The B350 has 3 sets of levers all Black

My physical layout is the Saitek Yoke with twin throttles, 3 levers on each(Black Blue and Red)

The mixture lever(Red) alters the fuel flow not by much but is around 5, I alter the power and condition levers to keep under the red line at about 75%. Closing the Mixture lever completely, cuts the engines.

I bring the mix control down during the climb to 25% at FL100

Max climb is about 160, and cruise 210, totally different to the FSC database. With a tail wind, this will go up to about 230, at FL150.

FSC bases it flight time and distance according to it's database which to my mind is not accurate.Someone needs to do some research.

I have yet to find an FS aircraft that performs to stated spec.As far as FSC is concerned anyway.

Even in formation, I have to max the power to match other online flyers. But that is another issue.

The other issue I have to sort out is the v.high taxi speed, but I think this is something to do with the condition lever, normally keeping the speed down with the brakes and also steering with the brakes.

I like the aircraft, but do need to learn how to use it to best advantage.

Frank F

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FSC has the distance a bit wrong - it's just 801nm direct. It's got the
range totally wrong too - a King Air can't stay up for 16 hours (4100/250).
Just over 1000nm with no reserves would be a better figure.

The King Air doesn't have a mixture control (no turboprops do). They have
Power, Prop and Condition levers so I can't guess what levers you are
referring to. Fuel flow rate is determined by the power and prop settings so
you may need to check these to stop drinking too much of the stuff -props
need only be around 1700-1900. The condition levers only have High Idle, Low
Idle and Cutoff positions and you never touch these after engines are


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Beech King Air 350.

Currently doing a run from EGNS-BIRK

FSC states distance 881nm 2:52mins at cruise speed 512kts.

Am set with Mixture at 25%, condition at 75% power 75%.

KIAS on FSX 260kts.

220 nm short of ING, now right turn 90 for Vagar to refuel as down to 100G
from 425G

I am in the proces of realtering the aircraft database in FSC to reflect to the true air speed I am attaining, this should give me a truer flight time.

FSC aircraft database  gives a range of 4100nm, no way, with full tanks
should I have to divert, am I doing something wrong??

Or should Ibe flying something with a higher range.

Frank F

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