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It would be nice if someone else can repeat this flight so we can compare
fuel burns. It still seems a tad high to me.


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Just completed a B350 flight EGHI-EGEC in FS9+FSC via BCN-WAL-IOM-BLACA

FSC dist 345 flight time 01:23 + 7 min taxiing.(RFinder gives 363.4nm)

Fuel full at 538G, payload max at 1020lb(6 persons).

Start time 20:06

Condition lever at low idle, takeoff prop rpm 1600, immediate climb to FL260

full power, torque 90, climb rate 2000. Fuel Flow 4.8

12 minutes to cruise level at 30nm.Fuel used 24G

Prop to 1400. Tas on FSC display 260, torque to 70, FF 3.5.

Moving power to full, torque is 85 and master warning flickers.

Start descent to FL100 at IOM then stepping down to Cambeltown.

Prop RPM to 1600 for landing.

Park at 21:43 fuel remaining 378

Total time=01:37
Fuel used=160G

This was an initial run, will try again using FSX soonest and report.

Understanding the relationship betwen the levers and gauges was a help.

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