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I jest. Unless you'd like a passing opinion, I can wait until you've finished.

My efforts on gauge design have ground to a halt. Even if unzipping a .cab file to an empty folder, I'm asked if I wish to replace the existing version. I'll try a reinstal of Cabarc.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

You are indeed right - it really is a matter of personal gratification. It's
the first time ever in FS that we can actually get at gauge manipulation so
the temptation to really is strong to make a panel as close to reality as

It's daft I know but even the Suction gauge used by Fred is not quite the
same as in G-CALL and so I get an urge to replace the bitmap. As his are old
GAU files it also means I have to write the XML code but that really is a
doddle for passive instruments. Trouble here is that I'm tempted to get the
two red lights operational to show that suction for either engine has

I could send you the panel right now but you would have to put up with its
incomplete state. I think the errors would be:

1. No radios work so you'd have to use your Go Flight units for these.
2. No HSI as I have used the FSD Panther Navajo for now (you could
3. Same for the EGT gauge.
4. Fuel tank selector only goes from off to right aux - I don't know why
yet. Leave alone.
5. Flap lever bitmap is weird but flaps work OK.
6. Magnetos for Eng1 and Eng2 work differently because I'm still playing
with code. I suspect you can't have two mag switches for each engine but am
still playing. These can be overridden by the usual M++

All the rest seem to work OK.

The zip is 900k if you want it.


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For your own satisfaction' cos that's the main reason for doing any design work. That probably will drive you to do both.As you know, I'm not into individual gauge design. I am, and have been for years, an incorrigible panel meddler. Recently, motivated by GA magazines' reporting of current avionics developments, I've started further to modify the panels that have so far kept me happy. The move to glass cockpits seems irreversible, even in GA. Since the cost of doing it in FS is zilch, it's almost a case of having to justify not going that way. The one regret I have is that the steam instruments of my erstwhile favourite panel sat in a very Jaguarish walnut veneer panel. Removing analogue instruments left indentations, where the panel had been recessed for them. I've had to redo the surface and, since piecing together, stretching, etc, veneer makes it look very unrealistic, I've had to switch to a metal background. Very sad, but then, "you can't get the wood, you know" isn't a new problem.

So, when will we all be able to get our grubby little hands on what is
now to be a pair of new panels?

Gerry Winskill


Bones wrote:

I think I am going to scream...

Having got well on with the panel rebuilt for the Aztec I was stuck at
a couple of engine gauges because I had no decent pictures of them.
G-CALL has been away for two months on sub charter to OS in N. Ireland
so I wasn't able to remedy this - but I got impatient last night and
rang John to see when it was coming back. What he told me made me

I've know G-CALL since it was new (30+ years) and I've flown the
aircraft for a fair bit of that time. It's hardly changed in that
period - just a couple of replacement radio's and that was it.  The
panel rebuild was therefore based on my intimate knowledge of the
aircraft. But it has now all changed..

All the old Collins kit is gone and in its place are new slimline
Garmin NAV/COM units, a King KMD150 GPS and a Filser Transponder. I've
already got pictures of these units and have made a mock up of the new
panel - see my FS page for screenshots.

I'm now torn. Do I continue with the old panel rebuild or start afresh
and make the new one? Or do I make both?

The rest of the panel is almost complete. I now have most of the engine
gauges finished - seven made in the last week - and the only dial left
to do is the EGT gauge. I still have slight code problems with the flap
lever, autopilot and fuel selector but I hope I can iron these out
without too much trouble.

I must admit I have learnt a lot over the last few weeks. Gauge design
isn't all that difficult in XML and it brings the art into the laps of
those of us with no programming skills - I could never have made an old
GAU file in C++. Those dials that just present information like the ASI
and fuel gauges, are very easy indeed. Those that interact with mouse
click (switches) can also be easy but some are trickier. The flap lever
is an example because the default lever runs through a series of linear
indents - one position for each flap setting - whereas I am trying to
make a spring loaded lever that just has three positions.

If anyone is tempted with gauge design then have a go. All you really
need is a good paint program and, if you want to zip the dials up into
a CAB file, a program like VCAB (this make distribution a lot easier).



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