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  • Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 18:32:46 +0000


Yes, the most advanced computer of all....the brain!

Seriously.. there are no systems that I am aware of that affect spoilers or airbrakes if speed gets too low. Its all down to the pilot (one of the few things left these days!) although of course if you wanted such a system it would be easy to knock it up in XML for FS... then patent it and sent it off to smiths and honeywell!


FrankTurley@xxxxxxx wrote:
In a message dated 04/11/2006 16:05:42 GMT Standard Time, Alex@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
Yes there are Autospoiler systems and Auto Airbrake systems which automatically deploy on landing, The BAe 146 and Fokker 100 I mentioned has these modelled. On the BAe 146 these retract automatically on reaching 40kts, on the earlier versions of the Fokker they were programmed to retract only when the aircraft actually stopped, which I think Is an inaccuracy as they retract on the real model at 35kts if my memory serves.
Thanks for your answer regarding the AP, I think I'll stick to the simple approach (sorry, no pun intended!)
Sorry, I didn't put the question about the spoilers and airbrakes very well, I was concerned about losing too much speed while in the air - does anything stop this happening?
Frank T.

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