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Just check the variables again. One should be AT on/off and one SPD hold
on/off. I agree that speed hold is only relevant if you have AT functions
available but they still requires activating as separate items. Don't assume
that engaging speed hold activates the AT function as it may be the other
way round i.e. speed hold may be inhibited unless AT is armed.

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Sorry for the slow reply Frank - been ripping this PC to pieces today to get
at a failed Northbridge fan..

Thanks Bones, I will print out your reply and refer to it while I program
the AP switching. The bit about leaving the YD on, even when you change
planes, could lead to problems. I intend to have a YD switch anyway, which
should resolve this if it ever happens.
I do recall problems with the AP giving priority to a too ambitious climb
rate leading to stalls, I don't think I can fix this with a gauge as I'm
assuming its part of the FS functions. I must make a note to test this in
FSX. I recall getting around it previously by editing the default climb
rates in the ?aircraft.cfg? file.
I did some more work on the AP today and I now have another question I'm
afraid. I'm confused as to the difference between Autothrottle and Airspeed
Hold. I think that you cannot have an Airspeed Hold without an Autothrottle,
but why have 2 variables? Or is this down to the different AP types?
Frank T.

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