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As recommended many times in the past, Flight without Formulae should be
mandatory reading for all of you if you haven't read any books on
aerodynamics. It's nicely written and virtually identical to the text A.P.
Kermode wrote for the RAF AP.129 Pilots' Flying Manual.

Those of you with more serious interest in aerodynamics should then go on
the read Kermode's serious book on the subject called Mechanics of Flight.
This isn't for the faint hearted but if you read it you will know more about
aerodynamics than most airline crews.

Anyone flying heavy metal should also read an appropriate book on these.
Lightweight reading is Stanley Stewart's "Flying the Big Jets" although
lightweight is a bit of a misnomer - it's not a beginners book. Deeper
theory can be found in the aviation Bible that is universally read by every
jet pilot. Dicky Davies book is called "Handling the Big Jets" and it is the
definitive volume you can read on the subject.


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While doing a quick 'Google' I came across the following:-


It is a PDF scan of the book 'Flight Without Formulae' by A.C. Kermode.

As most of the 'real' pilots here  will probably tell you, it is (was)
one of the 'classics' as far as aircraft theory of flight goes. (maybe
out of date by now, however).

Not exactly sure of the legalities, here, as regards copyright issues,
but probably worth a quick perusal, should you decide to buy the hard
copy, assuming of course, that it is still in print.



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