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An interesting shift of direction. They almost accept that the Horizon
library will become the core element and that their own add-on scenery will
complement this rather than FSX directly. Mind you I guess it will have to
be this way because Horizon will have to modify the default.XML file and FS
Add-Ons scenery will have to modify the Horizon XML file.


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I've just checked out the VFR Addons site, for recent additions. The
following extract from the News page throws light on yesterdays
musings on the autogen in the Horizon photoscenery for FSX.

Gerry Winskill

_*20/10/2006: VFR Addons Library update for FSX and the projects future!*_
With the recent release of FSX and the modified Default.xml file, many
of the objects in the VFR Addons library are now working well in FSX
however some are not. Any Gmax coloured objects, i.e objects that were
not textured are displayed in black in FSX and lights have no visible
bulb due to a problem with attach points.

Over the next few months we will be updating the library to correct
these problems and we also hope to add more objects to it over a period
of time so that it includes even more custom made objects.

As many of you know, Horizon Simulation are creating a 3D scenery set
consisting of general buildings and trees which is designed to
compliment the new high definition VFR Photo scenery soon to be
released. Many of you wanted 100% tree coverage and Horizons 3D package
which is due for release next Easter will do that for you. Not only will
the finished tree scape be considerably more accurate in terms of
placement than we could have achieved within VFR Addons but the type of
trees is also far more realistic too.

With everything that is happening you may be wondering what role there
is for the VFR Addons Team?

As good as the Horizon 3D scenery package will be and believe me it will
be very good indeed, for obvious reasons it cannot hope to produce
custom scenery at a local level which truly reflects reality in the sort
of detail many of us wish to see. That can only be achieved by designers
who are either very familiar with or who live in there. With that in
mind I believe our role rests in creating bespoke scenery scapes,
buildings and objects that won't be included in Horizons product. I hope
that the design team will continue to produce scenery of this nature
using the library and any custom gmax models.

I think the future looks very bright indeed and I hope you all agree and
will continue to support the VFR Addons project either by designing
scenery or by using the scenery the design team produces.

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