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  • Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 00:30:05 +0100

Hopefully not too long.

I'm going to split the gauges into two CAB files. The gauges specific to the
Aztec will go into one and the Collins avionics will go into a separate CAB
file that could be used by other designers. I can then fire off the CAB
files as they get finished rather than wait to release them both together.

As the CAB files are self contained with code and bitmaps you could have a
copy any time - but would have to take the rough with the smooth. That means
the slight problems with the flap lever and autopilot would come with the
rest of the finished stuff. This isn't really a problem because the issue is
one of bitmaps displaying correctly - the actual code works fine. So, you
can operate the flaps with a Go Flight unit or the F5 - F8 keys and flaps
will work but clicking on the flap lever won't do much right now.

Same with the autopilot. It's odd to select Nav hold or Alt hold on the GF
units and see the correct button light up on my autopilot panel but if you
try pressing the autopilot button itself it doesn't work! It means the code
for the display is good but I haven't got the "Click Event" code just right

Interestingly enough the CAB now has 46 files in it - 24 are bitmaps and 22
are XML files (or gauges). Here it must be said that "gauge" is not exactly
the right word as an XML file covers switches too - effectively any panel
object that has some working function. With all this lot in the CAB is only

It should be noted that of the default FS2004 aircraft only a few are XML
coded - the Baron, B737 and B747. All the rest are still using GAU files
(C172, Mooney etc and all the historic aircraft) and these will have to be
rewritten in XML for FS2006. That's assuming MS will put them in the next
version. Personally I wouldn't miss the old aircraft as I never use them - I
only briefly dabbled with the Wright Flyer and the DH88 and I found the
Curtiss Jenny almost impossible to handle on the ground..


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Just had another look at the updated page. That Airpeed Indicator looks
quite tempting. When can we get our grubby little hands on that lot?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>I got Netherlands today too but I've not installed yet. I'm still stuck
>in gauge design - mostly successful - but with some odd problems. The
>left magneto comes up with the Oil Pressure values when you move the
>mouse onto it and the right magneto brings up the HSI readings!
>Apart from that I've been quite surprised how well the new gauges have
>come together and that they actually work! The only headache is the
>flap lever - the Aztec has a spring loaded lever so I am trying to get
>the bitmap to centre a second or so after each flap selection - but I
>might have to give this up. Screenshots on my pages are being updated
>as I progress.
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>I'll try that, later. After getting a bit of moulding, from Splinters,
>followed by installation of VFR Netherlands, before which I must finish
>the search for a brewery and CWS, in Barrow; seen in photograph. I'm
>sure there was something else. Just remembered;  tonight's FPI. I just
>never know how to fill the time in.....
>Gerry Winskill
>Bones wrote:
>>Could you map Autobrake to a couple of keys and then map the keys to
>>the stick?
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>>I use the CH Yoke setup and have been trying, without success, to
>>assign one of its keys to contro Autobrake' to avoid use of the mouse.
>>So far no luck. The Controls Assign menu gives me access to In crease
>>Autobrake and Decrease Autobrake but the assigned buttons, 5 and 6,
>>have no effect on the Autobrake knob. FSUIPC offers access to Increase
>>Autobrake. Again no effect. I've tried exiting FS9 after the
>>reassignment, then rebooting. No improvemet. I've long had the
>>adjacent double switch assigned to increase and reuce Cowls, with
>>complete success.
>>Any ideas folks?
>>Gerry Winskill

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