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  • Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 00:30:05 +0100

The Boeing dials are CAB files so you could lift the XML file and plonk it
into a CAB of your own creation along with a bitmap from the F100.

Remind me - does the F100 have a working autobrake or just a static dial on
the panel? If it has a working autobrake why is it necessary to replace it
with the Boeing code?

I've now got the autobrake code from the B737 so all I need is bitmaps of
something you fancy in the F100. All I need is the "plate" showing the AB
panel markings and a reasonable bitmap of the moving switch.


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You've got another coconut!
Odd; I could get it to react to Increase Autobrake Setting but not to
reduce. I can get it to actuate reduce by doing as you suggested. Apart
from the F100, which is my heavy metal of choice, for the FPI sessions.
I can substitute the controlable Boeing unit but it looks naff, by
comparison. Pity I cant get the F100 bitmap to be used by the Boeing
gauge. Repeat after me "I mustn't get diverted down yet another alley".

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>Could you map Autobrake to a couple of keys and then map the keys to
>the stick?
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>I use the CH Yoke setup and have been trying, without success, to
>assign one of its keys to contro Autobrake' to avoid use of the mouse.
>So far no luck. The Controls Assign menu gives me access to In crease
>Autobrake and Decrease Autobrake but the assigned buttons, 5 and 6,
>have no effect on the Autobrake knob. FSUIPC offers access to Increase
>Autobrake. Again no effect. I've tried exiting FS9 after the
>reassignment, then rebooting. No improvemet. I've long had the adjacent
>double switch assigned to increase and reuce Cowls, with complete
>Any ideas folks?
>Gerry Winskill

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