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You've got another coconut!
Odd; I could get it to react to Increase Autobrake Setting but not to reduce. I can get it to actuate reduce by doing as you suggested. Apart from the F100, which is my heavy metal of choice, for the FPI sessions. I can substitute the controlable Boeing unit but it looks naff, by comparison. Pity I cant get the F100 bitmap to be used by the Boeing gauge. Repeat after me "I mustn't get diverted down yet another alley".

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Could you map Autobrake to a couple of keys and then map the keys to the


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I use the CH Yoke setup and have been trying, without success, to assign one of its keys to contro Autobrake' to avoid use of the mouse. So far no luck. The Controls Assign menu gives me access to In crease Autobrake and Decrease Autobrake but the assigned buttons, 5 and 6, have no effect on the Autobrake knob. FSUIPC offers access to Increase Autobrake. Again no effect. I've tried exiting FS9 after the reassignment, then rebooting. No improvemet. I've long had the adjacent double switch assigned to increase and reuce Cowls, with complete success.

Any ideas folks?

Gerry Winskill

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