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I've not touched that database for some time now as I hoped VFR Add-Ons
would take over the work. It's also a bit redundant now that FSX is out
because most designers will have to start again and I know from past
experience that few do. Even Gary is baulking at converting UK2000 Parts 1
to 8 over.

The only pages I'll keep are the Scenery downloads page as VFR Add-Ons still
links to this.


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 From the Readme included, he's obviously going to issue them. Do you want a
list of the ones I've been sent, for your in progress

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>Are these strips going to be uploaded anywhere Gerry?
>Spotting farm strips is indeed quite tricky and most pilots will phone
>the owner beforehand to obtain a really detailed briefing on where the
>strip is and the joining/landing procedures. It's a bit easier these
>days with GPS but I bet mistakes still happen.
>In my airfield research I have tried to look for most airfields in
>Multimap and some just do not show up at all in the aerial shots. I
>also recall a photo printed in Pilot magazine some years ago where a
>pilot had landed in the wrong field (no harm done) and taken a shot of
>the area on departure. The picture clearly showed a big field with a
>ploughed strip down the middle which looked exactly like a runway. This
>was not the landing strip, it was just a ploughed field. The real strip
>was arrowed in the picture and, by comparison, it was tiny - it looked
>like a farm track.
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>I've spent the evening flying between a few Essex farm strips that I've
>been asked to test. Even allowing for the sticky up farms being fewer
>than in real life they're still extremely difficult to spot. I've done
>three and had to have several attempts at each, before spotting the
>runway and being able to line up and land. The last one, Raynes Hall
>Farm, was the hardest. After landing and taxiing in I spotted a
>hovering Robinson. I've used this in my own farms. Hang on, this looks
>very familiar.  After I'd fired up FSNav I realised why it looked
>familiar; it was one of mine, Boones Farm.
>I wonder how often this happens in real life? Since most farm strips
>will be very quiet mid week I suppose it might happen without being
>recorded. In my case I'm not confident I would spot Raynes Farm if I
>immediately took off  for another go. To make it worse there are four
>fields withinabout a couple of miles of each other; Andrews Field,
>Boones Farm, Rayne Hall Farm and Stansted. Fancy having to spot the
>right one without infringing Stansted! It's definitely easier in FS!
>Gerry Winskill

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