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Are these strips going to be uploaded anywhere Gerry?

Spotting farm strips is indeed quite tricky and most pilots will phone the
owner beforehand to obtain a really detailed briefing on where the strip is
and the joining/landing procedures. It's a bit easier these days with GPS
but I bet mistakes still happen.

In my airfield research I have tried to look for most airfields in Multimap
and some just do not show up at all in the aerial shots. I also recall a
photo printed in Pilot magazine some years ago where a pilot had landed in
the wrong field (no harm done) and taken a shot of the area on departure.
The picture clearly showed a big field with a ploughed strip down the middle
which looked exactly like a runway. This was not the landing strip, it was
just a ploughed field. The real strip was arrowed in the picture and, by
comparison, it was tiny - it looked like a farm track.


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I've spent the evening flying between a few Essex farm strips that I've
been asked to test. Even allowing for the sticky up farms being fewer
than in real life they're still extremely difficult to spot. I've done
three and had to have several attempts at each, before spotting the
runway and being able to line up and land. The last one, Raynes Hall
Farm, was the hardest. After landing and taxiing in I spotted a hovering
Robinson. I've used this in my own farms. Hang on, this looks very
 After I'd fired up FSNav I realised why it looked familiar; it was one
of mine, Boones Farm.

I wonder how often this happens in real life? Since most farm strips
will be very quiet mid week I suppose it might happen without being
recorded. In my case I'm not confident I would spot Raynes Farm if I
immediately took off  for another go. To make it worse there are four
fields withinabout a couple of miles of each other; Andrews Field,
Boones Farm, Rayne Hall Farm and Stansted. Fancy having to spot the
right one without infringing Stansted!
It's definitely easier in FS!

Gerry Winskill

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