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Good show - it means I've got the margins right at last..

In the past I've tended to leave the pages open flow so that the text wraps
to your whatever you resize your browser window to. This ain't good for
printing and so, with so many tutorials, I've started fixing page width.
Most are now done and you should see the text stay in a fixed column
whatever you resize the browser to.

If anyone spots any rogue pages that still run the text across the full
browser width let me know and I'll change them.

Some of the picture pages don't conform as the images are too big. Most are
OK but one or two images have been left at full size because they are too
good - like the Ladybower Lancaster shot.. I can't bring myself round to
touch that one..


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It printed OK when I just cut and pasted.  Pictures and all. Colin

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