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Pictures were nicked liberally from other web sites so I hope they don't
find out. I had to break the boring text up somehow. Only the load sheet =
mine but that was boring too..

I was trying to avoid anything in depth in that article and rather
concentrate on a whole flight sequence. It better throws up all the =
that you cover in FS and should be able to pinpoint your weaknesses and
strengths. As to what these are is rather an individual matter so I'd =
to ask you for an example of something that you would like to try before
going any further..

I'd just like to add one thing. In FS you are going to have to =
compromise in
certain areas. In the real world there are two guys who know the knobs =
taps off by heart and they can get things done far quicker than anyone =
in FS. Partly it is shared workload and partly it is due to cockpit
ergonomics being much more friendly than trying to click hotspots on a
monitor. It's made worse if some controls are only found on pop up =
In the real world you operate many controls without really looking for =
(like driving your car) - and you couldn't do that in a car sim on your
computer. You lose this instinctive ability.

Let's face it. Who in FS can take off in a 737, get the gear up, get =
to V2 + 15 and start initial flap retraction before 400ft? In FS both =
off and landings are (strangely) far faster affairs than in real life. =
Yep I
know it technically isn't but I've waved rudely at aircraft at the hold =
real life just after rotating and I never seem to have time to take my =
off the panel in FS until I'm well past the airfield boundary..

At 400ft power is normally reduced to meet noise abatement rules and the
nose lowered to a lower rate of climb to keep speed at V2 + 15. At =
the third stage of the climb profile is initiated (what is climb profile =
all ask). OK, if you want a fright go to
http://adg.stanford.edu/aa241/performance/takeoff.html or read some
interesting answers at
 http://www.geocities.com/khlim777_my/asflyingtheplane.htm (a bit off =
but there's some interesting stuff here) or

Truth is I am usually well through 400ft in any jet before the speed is
anywhere near coming under control let alone buttoned at V2 +15 - and =
with a throttle unit. OK I don't practise as much as I should because I
don't fly the jets very often so I'm not saying it can't be done - but =
are darned good if you can do this. Full marks if you've worked out your =
+15 speed in the first place.

Full emulation of real world departure procedures would be hard going =
many FS users - especially if you tried to follow the correct segmented
climb procedures for noise abatement whilst running through the after =
off checklist and maybe talking to ATC or establishing on a SID at the =
time. Alastair may have cracked this as he's been flying the same =
for a long time (I hope you are anyway <g>..) but this is where skill =
experience start to play dividends.=20

Once you live with an aircraft solidly for a few months you should start =
get some feel for its characteristics. You will know that around a =
weight the take off speeds are going to be so much and the tailplane
incidence at x degrees. But I'll stop here as I am talking complex jet
aircraft again and taking the discussion to the most taxing corner of =
world emulation - which not everyone is wanting to do.

Which takes me neatly back to the original comment.

Tell me what you would like to improve on and I'll see if I can drum up =
training suggestion for it..


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Just read your very interesting article, ouch, you lost me before I got
halfway through. Very informative, love the piccies, any chance of a few
examples for us mere mortals to try and practice (with indepth =
I can takeoff, climb, cruise, decend and land, and with FSNav find my =
around, but half the time I do not know what or why I am doing. I have =
out of the stage of brakes off kick the throttle open and hope. Frank F

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