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  • Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 14:08:00 -0000

Having read and re read the "Article", and learned a lot from it, may I ask a 

Very important. What's the aircraft featured in the first photograph? I'm 
thrown by the 
presence of what look like sidesticks, on to of a central control column?

What is the Autopilot MCP? I know the answer is going to be embarrasingly 
obvious? Is 
it Master Control Panel?

Not in the article but arising from it. I find that some of the FS jets are 
reluctant to slow, 
entailing a need to start the decelleration way ahead of the 10,000' point, or 
any other 
speed control point. If the first stage of flaps can't be deployed until down 
to 220kias, 
then that just leaves the spoilers. On the IFSDG A320, the braking effect of 
the spoilers 
is minimal. I've looked through Aircraft.cfg and used AirEdit on the .air file, 
but can't find 
a way of increasing the spoilers' drag. Any ideas?

I was sure I'd preserved your words of wisdom on the subject but can't, now, 
find them. 
The info I'm seeking is on Decision Height and MAP differences and 

Something else is sure to hit me, so I may be back. Meanwhile, off to see 
Werner Schott's Checklists can be chopped down and stuck onto file card. I'm 
disappearing under paper and can't find the thrust lever!

Gerry Winskill

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