[jhb_airlines] Apparent height

  • From: "Mike Brook" <mike.brook@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 17:28:50 +0100

> I think I might have the answer to the floating aircraft problem.
> In the ATOCAircraftFile.INI file there is a height value
> for all the
> ATOC aircraft. For example their entry for the C172 shows
> Height=3.765
> Which is fine if you fly the C172 because this is the same
> height as the
> value in the default C172 aircraft.cfg file -
> Static CG height=3.765
> Now, say you are flying the Dreamfleet PA28 Archer. You
> position and
> height values are sent to the ATOC server and then on to other ATOC
> users. The Archer isn't in the ATOC approved list of
> aircraft and so it
> is likely to default to the C172 for most users. However
> the Archer has
> a Static CG Height of 3.85 and a C172 placed at this
> height is going to
> float in the air a little bit.
> bones

Mmmm.  So which one should I alter (if any)?  If I lower my AusSim
Warrior's static_cg_height (which is set at 4.475) to match the ATOC
172 will I then sink below the tarmac on landing/takeoff?  I could
alter the ATOC 172's Height setting on my machine to match my
Warrior's setting but how would anyone else see this?  Or should I
just leave everything alone and accept the discrepancies?

Confused of Solihull (aka MikeB)

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