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There are still a lot of ATP's around but mostly freighters now. A few
others are dumped around the country including the Emerald fleet when they
got closed down by the CAA - one lying forlorn on Rwy 35 at EGNS.

Was the 146 guy Peter Leadbetter or Matthias Lieberecht?


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It's interesting how names fade from the scene. Mention of ATP reminds
me of the aircraft of that name. Whilst it was being flown by Manx I
recall downloading a payware panel for it. Quite good for its time.
There was another for the 146, both being designed by a cheshire based
ATP pilot whose name escapes me. Can anyone remember? I haven't seen his
name for years. I'll try a trawl through Avsim.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

> Can't help here.
> I still have originals of all my FS software going back to FS4 and all
> the various add-ons. Anyone remember Microsoft Caribbean? Then there
> was the excellent Mallard scenery releases and adventures - Tahiti,
> Hawaii, Japan, Grand Canyon, Scenery Enhancement Editor, Aircraft and
> Adventure Factory (from which I made my first FS4 aircraft - a Hawker
> Hart) and Flight 685 and Rescue 911.
> From Sub Logic came the superb Flight Assignment ATP which started the
> whole VA business off in the first place. The very first VA was called
> Sun Air which was exclusively for ATP and they kicked off in 1994 on
> CompuServe's FSFORUM. Noble Air formed in July 1994 and was the third
> VA to start. Sub Logic also made FS4 software and I doubt anyone will
> forget the Western Europe Scenery disc, California Scenery set, Great
> Britain Scenery set or the Hawaiian Odyssey disk with its surreal
> tunnels, giant kitchens, piano's and sideways Meigs scenery.
> I must burn all these onto CD in case the floppies deteriorate.
> Sorry but no combat sims. Hate the things.
> bones
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>     Hi Gents!
>     Was wondering if anyone has a spare copy of Microsoft Combat
>     Flight Simulator (The original) I have been searching for my copy
>     for weeks but to no avail, think I may have lent it to someone and
>     never got it back.
>     Given the massive turd that is CFS3, and I'm bored of flying
>     Zero's in CFSII I would really like a copy. Game no longer stock
>     it and from previous experience copys on eBay are normally
>     scratched beyond use.
>     Anyone have on they'd be willing to let me have, more than willing
>     to pay all costs!
>     I know its a long shot but I figured it'd be worth it!
>     All the best,
>     Alex

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