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That's just the FS stuff. I didn't cover the other sims that have been
around like FU, Fly! or the dozens of utilities like NFL, PPT, RMMFPW and
the GEE libraries from Gemini.
Since my last I've copied most disks to my computer but not any of the Sub
Logic scenery disks. For some reason one of them can be read  but their ATP
disk set copied over fine.

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A very impressive collection indeed! 

I actually am a bit of a collector anorak myself! I've always kept all of my
sims in original boxes with manuals and last year I had some spare cash
floating around (if only I'd kept it - doh!) and I went through the entire
listing at http://www.migman.com and bought "as new" copies of every combat
and civil sim from 1988 - 2005, I actually have a double wardrobe 8 feet
high, 6 feet wide and with 5 tiers inside filled with Flightsims and
associated addons. I never really went much for scenery but have every stand
alone sim as far as I'm aware and, yep, you guessed it, CFS1 is the only
incomplete in my collection! you can imagine my frustration! 


P.S - I beat your FS4 as I have  back to FSII on what looks like a big VHS
Tape! with 8 diskettes with scenery areas! some of them still in packaging,
date on this is 1982. 

Its worth noting that some of the older sims, especially the "Janes"
collections are actually worth quite a lot of money. A good copy of Janes
F-15 or Fighter anthology in box will regularly fetch £50 - £70 on eBay.
Falcon 4 with all the manuals will also get up to £50 although with the
newer version released last year this has gone down strangely. 

Bones wrote: 

Can't help here. 
I still have originals of all my FS software going back to FS4 and all the
various add-ons. Anyone remember Microsoft Caribbean? Then there was the
excellent Mallard scenery releases and adventures - Tahiti, Hawaii, Japan,
Grand Canyon, Scenery Enhancement Editor, Aircraft and Adventure Factory
(from which I made my first FS4 aircraft - a Hawker Hart) and Flight 685 and
Rescue 911. 
From Sub Logic came the superb Flight Assignment ATP which started the whole
VA business off in the first place. The very first VA was called Sun Air
which was exclusively for ATP and they kicked off in 1994 on CompuServe's
FSFORUM. Noble Air formed in July 1994 and was the third VA to start. Sub
Logic also made FS4 software and I doubt anyone will forget the Western
Europe Scenery disc, California Scenery set, Great Britain Scenery set or
the Hawaiian Odyssey disk with its surreal tunnels, giant kitchens, piano's
and sideways Meigs scenery.
I must burn all these onto CD in case the floppies deteriorate.
Sorry but no combat sims. Hate the things.

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Hi Gents!

Was wondering if anyone has a spare copy of Microsoft Combat Flight
Simulator (The original) I have been searching for my copy for weeks but to
no avail, think I may have lent it to someone and never got it back. 

Given the massive turd that is CFS3, and I'm bored of flying Zero's in CFSII
I would really like a copy. Game no longer stock it and from previous
experience copys on eBay are normally scratched beyond use. 

Anyone have on they'd be willing to let me have, more than willing to pay
all costs! 

I know its a long shot but I figured it'd be worth it! 

All the best, 


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