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It's interesting how names fade from the scene. Mention of ATP reminds me of the aircraft of that name. Whilst it was being flown by Manx I recall downloading a payware panel for it. Quite good for its time. There was another for the 146, both being designed by a cheshire based ATP pilot whose name escapes me. Can anyone remember? I haven't seen his name for years. I'll try a trawl through Avsim.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Can't help here.
I still have originals of all my FS software going back to FS4 and all the various add-ons. Anyone remember Microsoft Caribbean? Then there was the excellent Mallard scenery releases and adventures - Tahiti, Hawaii, Japan, Grand Canyon, Scenery Enhancement Editor, Aircraft and Adventure Factory (from which I made my first FS4 aircraft - a Hawker Hart) and Flight 685 and Rescue 911.
From Sub Logic came the superb Flight Assignment ATP which started the whole VA business off in the first place. The very first VA was called Sun Air which was exclusively for ATP and they kicked off in 1994 on CompuServe's FSFORUM. Noble Air formed in July 1994 and was the third VA to start. Sub Logic also made FS4 software and I doubt anyone will forget the Western Europe Scenery disc, California Scenery set, Great Britain Scenery set or the Hawaiian Odyssey disk with its surreal tunnels, giant kitchens, piano's and sideways Meigs scenery.
I must burn all these onto CD in case the floppies deteriorate.
Sorry but no combat sims. Hate the things.

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    Hi Gents!

    Was wondering if anyone has a spare copy of Microsoft Combat
    Flight Simulator (The original) I have been searching for my copy
    for weeks but to no avail, think I may have lent it to someone and
    never got it back.

    Given the massive turd that is CFS3, and I'm bored of flying
    Zero's in CFSII I would really like a copy. Game no longer stock
    it and from previous experience copys on eBay are normally
    scratched beyond use.

    Anyone have on they'd be willing to let me have, more than willing
    to pay all costs!

    I know its a long shot but I figured it'd be worth it!

    All the best,


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