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Yes - I remember Tracon as I wrote some UK sector files for it. In fact I
think it was this data that went into the original sector files for SATCO
before it evolved into VATSIM.

I'm looking at the GEE Lib now and it reminds me just how much we crammed
into FS4. A low res B737 is just 498 bytes and the high res one is 2.6k.
Incredible when most textures are now 512k and the aircraft between 500k and
1.2Mb. The largest object I can find is the marina and that is just 11k.


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> the GEE libraries from Gemini.
I had a small hand in building the Gemini scenery.  It was a fairly
substantial undertaking too,
modelled on the 50thou OS maps. Each file was 1 km square in dense areas and
10km sq in sparcely
featured areas.  One of the two "Gemini", Angus Skinner, wrote software to
create the necessary
additional files automatically, to permit visual overlap of each file.
Clever bloke.  They did other
clever things like making windsocks, windmills and smoke react correctly in
the wind. I met up with
Graham Clarke again last year, when I flew to Fife.  Sadly he has had to
give up flying due to anno
domini.  Angus got married and took up sailing with his wife, and never
flight simmed again...<cue
finale music>

In 1991 I took part in what was probably the first FS/ATC multiplayer
session in the UK. A chap called Paul Connell who had acesss to a PABX
switchboard and some electronic tricks set up
Tracon (you must have a copy of Tracon, John) was able to "do" ATC at
Heathrow for up to six
aircraft at a time.  When they got close to the approach phase, they logged
off, logged onto another
phone line and were vectored in using FS4 multiplayer one to one.

Eight pilots took part and 4 successfully landed, including me.  We couldn't
see othe raircraft, but
Paul kept up a textual running commentary on what was happening.  The record
of this event is still
to this day stored on the Cix servers for members to reminisce over.


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