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Hi Kev

Macafee also suffers from bloat, definatly go for any of the top freebees, AVG for AV and Windows FW is fine if behind a router.

That is all I use, and I am online 4-6 hours a day.

2 gigs for Vista is a must, 1 gig for a WinXP machine, if you can get one.

My 4 year old 1.4 Celeron laptop with 1 gig of ram does everything I want, and will even run a basic FS9 install. My wifes 2 year old AMD laptop with quarter gig of ram crawls along, a ram upgrade is on the cards for after Christmas.

Frank F
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I bought a Dell Inspiron laptop about a year ago.
I have always found Dell very reliable,
reasonably priced  though not cutting edge.
I am writing this mail on my main machine Dell
450 which has been permanently ON for 12 years,
and remains absolutely reliable.

I paid £399 for the laptop including delivery.
I would suggest True Life screen essential for clarity.
2Mb memory for Vista
Home Premium minimum, anything below is sadly lacking.
Add to this an external HD especially if photo storage is a priority.
PCWorld are offering a Tb for under £100 I believe.
A colleague and I bought 250mb drives at the same
time for 79? in Ireland, Mine is working
perfectly 12 months later, his has failed due to
him not ejecting (just pulling out the lead)
If you Google you can find Dell offering laptops
cheaper, which have been built but purchase has failed.
(http://outlet.dell.com I think)

I agree about Nortons, Dell offer Macafee but am
totally satisfied with Avast (free)

I hope this helps

Kev T

On 12/24/2008 10:46:23, F FISHER (ffisher991@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> You can get some decent spec machines now for under £600.00. And the
> prices
> are dropping.
> A fast video, at least 1 gig Ram and a large drive is essential for
> futureproofing, you cannot upgrade a laptop as good as a desktop.
> Basically the best you can afford, as far as Vista goes, it is a cut > down
> version to fit a laptop, so you
> won't get the features you do not use.
> If it comes with Nortons, ditch it, and get the freebee versions. > Nortons is
> c**p and hogs a machine.
> And if it is purely for non games, consider installing Linux.
> Frank F
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> Subject: [jhb_airlines] Any Suggestions Please?
> >A friend has belatedly decided it's
> time he joined the computer age and
> > asked me for suggestions for a moderately priced laptop. Since I
> haven't
> > looked at what's available for about 5 years, I thought
> I'd better ask
> > you lot, wot knows more about these things than I do.
> >
> > I guess he's
> not going to want it for more than


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