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You can get some decent spec machines now for under £600.00. And the prices are dropping.

A fast video, at least 1 gig Ram and a large drive is essential for futureproofing, you cannot upgrade a laptop as good as a desktop.

Basically the best you can afford, as far as Vista goes, it is a cut down version to fit a laptop, so you won't get the features you do not use.

If it comes with Nortons, ditch it, and get the freebee versions. Nortons is c**p and hogs a machine.

And if it is purely for non games, consider installing Linux.

Frank F
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A friend has belatedly decided it's time he joined the computer age and
asked me for suggestions for a moderately priced laptop. Since I haven't
looked at what's available for about 5 years, I thought I'd better ask
you lot, wot knows more about these things than I do.

I guess he's not going to want it for more than emails, looking at
photographs and, if I can persuade him, the internet.

Any ideas please?

Gerry Winskill


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