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I'd have to read the docs because I really don't know.

I was aware that FSNav always showed a different wind to that in FS
(using SHIFT Z) but it eventually transpired that the MS wind was
incorrect by a factor of 2. Beside this the FSNav wind would show
direction/speed variations that could not be a result of reading set
METAR data so I would guess it reads the interpolated wind that FS
pushes out.

In other words when FS has set any degree of turbulence level I think
FSNav records the actual wind variations being pushed out that make
flying a bit tricky. I suspect FSUIPC also records these actual created


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> I get the vatsim weather if flying with vatsim, but the FS 
> Jeppesen weather otherwise.  I then use FSNavigator to give me an 
> instantaneous wind readout just before landing (bottom left of 
> screen).  Where does FSNav get its data from?
> Peter

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