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  • Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 07:13:11 +0100

Sorry I missed last night; I spotted you were on line only about 2100. Prior to 
that, my 
window of opportunity had been closed, by the presence of both duaghters!

Re wind. When accepting vectors to Sheffield, the other night, I passed info on 
the wind 
on my system, because it struck me your vectors would be influenced by the wind 
your setup. With a light twin, I might not have been arriving where you 
As you say, should be OK when the FPI weather server is operational.

Gerry Winskill

On 31 Jul 2004 at 5:08, Bones wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> I'm glad you enjoyed the evening. I logged on rather late last night
> as an unexpected window of opportunity appeared (yes, SWMBO went out
> for a while)..
> You are correct about the weather. Regardless of what I pass to each
> pilot everyone should stick to the known weather on their machines and
> fly according to that. Some pilots don't use real weather and those
> that do get it from various sources.
> In my case I get the latest weather from the VATSIM server to use in
> FPI sessions. In the case of Carlisle last night the actual weather I
> got was 
> EGNC 301620Z 27006KT 220V310 9999 SCT040 21/15 Q1019
> In other words the last actual from Carlisle was back at 1620. I know
> the airfield closed early these days so this may have been the last
> METAR issued yesterday.
> If your real weather program is intelligent then it is possible that
> it may have recognised the METAR was out of date and looked for the
> closest current METAR to Carlisle. I know that Newcastle had a similar
> wind to the one you mention but it also had a QNH of 1019. In fact the
> whole of the UK is covered in a High at the moment and the QNH only
> varies between 1019 and 1022 over the whole country so this suggests
> your own METAR data may be out of date.
> Your other comment about winds affecting runway in use is very valid.
> I will direct pilots to a runway suitable for the winds I see on my
> screen - and this may not be suitable for some pilots with different
> weather. Here I hope everyone would be sensible and shout if I offer a
> runway that is going to give you a 20kt tailwind. Work out the
> probable runway for the winds you have in your own machines and then,
> if I direct you to a different runway, request a landing on the one
> you have planned for. This should work in most cases but don't ask for
> 06 at Manchester if I have four aircraft inbound for 24!
> This problem will disappear when the FPI weather server comes online
> as you really will get current weather then - like it or not. Having
> said that I gave my pilots some rotten weather in my FSD sessions (I
> could set up any weather I liked in it by copying all METAR data into
> a WX.TXT file) and most seemed to enjoy the challenge.
> bones
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> > Another question!
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> > Bones -
> > 
> > Thank you for the excellent service received from London 
> > Centre (N) this evening!
> > 
> > I have a question about the weather used during my flight 
> > from EGNE to EGNC:  London Centre volunteered (seconds before 
> > I was going to ask for it!) the weather at EGNC as wind 
> > 270/06 >10 miles QNH 1019. My 'real world' weather downloaded 
> > every 15mins from the MS/Jeppeson server showed wind at EGNC 
> > as 180/02 >10 miles QNH 1012.  The different wind/pressure 
> > data should have influenced my choice of runway and approach 
> > profile (as it happened I decided to ignore you & opted for 
> > "my" weather [holds out wrist to be slapped... <g>]) so my 
> > question is "Why was my 'real' weather different from your 
> > 'real' weather at EGNC (and which should I have used in the 
> > circumstances?)?".
> > 
> > Cheers
> > MikeB
> > JHB193
> > 
> > 
> > 
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