[jhb_airlines] Re: Another Fine Mess

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  • Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 06:45:36 +0100

Seems to be a good check then on which version users are running.

If you save a current situation and look at the generated FLT file in
Notepad then:

AppVersion=9.1.40901 means you are running the FS9.1 patched upgrade.
AppVersion=9.0.30612 means you are still running FS9.0

The latter could mean you have chosen to stay with 9.0 or that you've
reinstalled and forgotten to apply the patch again.

Peter - I'm curious why you have stuck with FS9. The patch had quite a lot
of improvements and was worth the fag of installing (you had to remove the
No CD hack first).


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Same here - unpatched version running with no-CD file in use.


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