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  • Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2006 17:46:59 +0100

Hi Bones,

I'm using the 9.1 no-cd patch and the AppVer in my .flt files are 9.1.40901


Bones wrote:
Just out of interest could I ask users to open a FLT file in Notepad and
look at the first [Main] section. I'd like to know if the AppVer listed is
different for Disk 4 users and the No CD patch users.


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I never use disk 4.

And have found that either NoCD patch works, but maybe it works for my

I can clean out FS, reinstall, install FS patch, install NoCD patch, and be
flying in less than one hour. The only file I do not clean is the FS9.cfg.

The new installation uses that.


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