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  • From: Mr Winskill <gwinsk@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 15:52:23 BST

But the odd thing is that it starts OK from old, saved flight files, not from 
the FS9 ikon. One complication is that I'd been using the NO CD replacement 
ikon. I think there's some possible incompatibillity between pre and post FS9 
Patch ikons, since there was one for each.
Since we're in the interim FS9 / FSX era, I think I'll settle for an unpatched 
FS9, with the original NO CD.

Off to uninstall.

Gerry Winskill

Bones <bones@xxxxxxx> wrote :

> Because if you look at any FLT file in Notepad you will see that the
> situation saves absolutely everything that you set up whilst in the saved
> flight. The FLT file is a smaller fs9.cfg file.
> Now you have rebuilt your system it might be that your old FLT files aren't
> suitable for your setup. Even the default FLT file may be wrong - and the
> reason why FS9 doesn't display correctly. If it is still in Task Manager but
> not on screen I strongly suggest the situation files are now duff and
> unsuitable for you current system. You'll have to set things up again and
> create a new default.FLT file.
> bones
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> Denis,
> At the moment I'm just running with three screens, but treated as one 3840 x
> 1024. The cursor won't go outside these. The other two can't be in play
> because I haven't yey installed there graphics cards. I've had it before,
> with another prog, but can't rmember how I solved it.
> Err, I think I've managed a workaround. With the three screens working in
> TripleHead mode, if I boot up via one of the saved situations, from its
> folder, then FS9 appears, on the left screen. If I reboot from the normal
> FS9 ikon, still no sign. If I boot up from the saved situation, then it
> appears, where I left if, in the centre screen.
> Can't think of any reason why there should be that difference.
> Gerry Winskill
> Denis Ripley &lt;dripley@xxxxxxx&gt;
> wrote :
> &gt; Could it be on one of your monitors other than the main one? It
> &gt; happens to
> &gt; me if, for instance, I drag a Notebook readme file to monitor #2 and
> then
> &gt; forget to return it to #1. Next time I open a Notebook file on monitor
> #1
> &gt; and it doesn't appear, I know where it is.
> &gt;
> &gt; Denis
> &gt;
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> &gt; Subject: [jhb_airlines] Re: Another Fine Mess
> &gt;
> &gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt; Mike,
> &gt; &amp;gt; I don't think it's corrupted; as such. If I open it and click
> on
> &gt; a saved
> &gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt; situation, then FS9 will run. But that's where I open it with
> the
> &gt; mark 1
> &gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt; eyeball method.
> &gt; &amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt; Moving on, to an even more serious one. If I start FS9, having
> &gt; checked it
> &gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt; to be running via Task Manager, there's no sign of it on
> screen,
> &gt; beyond
> &gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt; its title appearing in the open prog area of the tak bar.
> &amp;gt;
> &gt; Several giant steps, backwards, for mankind. &amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt; Gerry Winskil
> &gt; &amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt; Mike Lucas &amp;lt;mhlucas@xxxxxxxxxxxx&amp;gt;
> &gt; wrote :
> &gt; &amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; Gerry
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; I can't find ANY reference in any of FS9's config files
> to where
> &gt; saved
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; flights go.  So I deduce that they will always to be
> located in
> the
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; default folder ..\&amp;amp;lt;FS9&amp;amp;gt;\Flights
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; In which case - is this folder somehow corrupt on your
> rig?
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; Mike L
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; Mr Winskill wrote:
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;amp;gt; I do hope someone can come up with ideas to
> prevent me
> having
> &gt; to do
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; yet
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; another FS9 installation.
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;amp;gt; When I select, from the menu, either
> Flights,   Select a
> &gt; Flight,  or
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; Save
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; a Flight, the outcome is the same; the programme goes to
> a black
> &gt; screen
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; inside
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; the FS borders and hangs. The prog can be stopped only
> via Task
> &gt; Manager,
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; which
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; shows it as not responding.
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;amp;gt; It seems as though it can't find the folder
> in which
> files
> &gt; are
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; stored. I
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; can't see any reference to the folder's location, in the
> FS9.cfg
> &gt; file.
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; Incidentally, I do know where the folder is.
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;amp;gt; Does anyone know where FS9 holds the info 
> on
> the storage
> &gt; folder's
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; location?
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;amp;gt; Gerry Winskill
> &gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;amp;gt;
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> &gt; &amp;gt;
> &gt; &amp;gt; ___________________________________
> &gt; &amp;gt; NOCC, http://nocc.sourceforge.net
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NOCC, http://nocc.sourceforge.net

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