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Always a difficult one Tom.  I have to admit I've stopped reading PC mags so
I too have no idea what is the latest cutting edge though I know a man who
does.  Well, not personally, but I'd recommend www.tomshardware.co.uk for a
guide to what's hot and whats not.


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First technical queries.

Just trying to decide what speeds CPU s offer is bewildering. I've no
idea what speed, eg,  AMD Athlon 64 x 2 AM2 4600 + Dual Core produces.
I know that FS9, and FSX in future, isn't written to take advantage of
Hyperthreading but does "Dual Core" need a programme to be written to
take advantage of its design?

In short, what processor would you aim for, to get the best out of FS9 /
FSX assuming a new Mobo was essential, anyway?

The articles suggest DDR II memory is faster than DDR400, so it looks as
though I should look for a Mobo that supports it.

Next AGP graphics is said to have reached its limits and PCI Express is
the way to go. Any comments in plain wrapper please.

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

> Apologies for my absence, particularly WRT the FPI demise.
> On Thursday my PC went into free fall. This evening is the first time
> I've managed to get it to boot up. I thought I could maintain contact
> via my laptop but that's not co- operating.
> Most attempts at PC bootup had failed before it even started memory
> checks etc, of which more anon.
> Worst case scenario was a C drive failure; why oh why hadn't I been
> doing backups. Son checked this on his setup and it seemed OK. He
> managed to get a few crucial, non FS files on to CD, via his USB2
> External Hard Drive. I'll definitely invest in one, once I've a
> working system again.
> This evening I removed the extra 1GB DDR400 RAM cards, that I'd fitted
> early last week. I then managed to boot up, for a short time.
> Completion of bootup was followed by alarms and a CPU Overheat and
> Shutdown warning. On one boot I managed to get HWDoctor running and
> the CPU temp was over 70deg C.
> It seems unlikely the Crucial sticks are the problem, since they are
> identical to the existing sticks. SiSandra found them to be OK. I'm
> wondering whether inserting in slots that had been unused for a couple
> of years might have triggered it off. I'd also noticed the system
> getting slower of late.
> Anyway, eventually it's started, and CPU temp slowly dropped to 55
> deg. I'll not risk anything but Email and web use. Be back tomorrow,
> seeking ideas on spec for a new system; far earleier than I'd hoped for.
> Gerry Winskill

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