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I guess you'd have to ask Mally about the VFGM scenery - especially as FSX
is a gateway to much higher mesh and bitmap resolution.. I don't know if he
will rework VFGM for the new version but the opportunity is there.

To grab a comment from an AVSIM poster:

"The only thing I am not so crazy about is Windows Vista. As someone that
also uses the PC for home theatre, I am not crazy about the new DRM that is
supposed to accompany Vista. Especially the HDMI HDCP resolution
restrictions. I can only afford a new computer, and don't really want to
replace my projector yet. Oh by the way have you ever seen FS on a 100" big
screen it's awesome."

I'm not that well read up on Vista to know what the resolution restrictions


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Going back to your comments on HD compliance; will the higher definition
do anything for,eg,  existing VFR GM display, or for FSX?
If just for video use the I'll pass, since I'll stick to the main TV
assembly for that.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

> Has anyone here played with an SLI dual card setup?
> bones
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>>     Yep - I got my wires crossed.
>     Ha ha ha ha! very amusing Bones! <VBG> excellent little PCI joke
>     there..... for the non sad amongst you a PCI Express setup is
>     esentially 2 PCI graphics GPU's connected via wires...which are
>     wound around each other...thus crossed wires.
>     God I've had a long day!
>     Alex

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